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Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QC/QA) and HSE


We implement a state‐of‐the‐art QA/QC systems to guarantee that all equipment and works are controlled, tested and properly documented. QA/QC should be enforced at all suppliers and subcontractors. The QA/QC System includes, among other items, the following: ‐

- Quality manual

- Procedures / Method statements

- Inspection & Test Plan for manufactured and supplied materials. This includes Factory acceptance test (FAT) and site inspection and witness activities

- Quality Control (QC) and Inspection plan for construction and commissioning

- Non conformity reports (NCR) or Potential non conformity report (PNCR)

- Documentation of all activities including inspection and testing reports

Health and Safety (HSE)

Implementing HSE measures including:

- Coordination documents

Verification and development of health and safety plans

Internal license controls

Verification of access permits

-Verification for machines, cranes and operators

-Personnel protection equipment planning

-Training for management, supervisory and execution personnel